Ad Muncher

Ad Muncher 4.94

Ad Muncher - Kills unwanted popups in all browsers

Ad Muncher is an advanced Ad Blocker that can automatically remove URLs and images with URLs, block retrieval of URLs, remove popups, scripts with text, tables with text; remove images with suspected adult content and prevent malware from being executed. Ad Muncher also blocks spyware, adware, dialer installers. Popups may still appear frequently with Ad Muncher enabled, so it is preferable to use a spyware/adware removal tool in addition to this program.

The advantages of this Ad blocker are varied: it doesn't require any configuration before it starts working; it works in all web browsers, and deals with most advertising automatically. Nevertheless, you can configure your own filters manually. Aside from being an Ad blocker, it allows you to hide your IP preventing web servers from knowing who you are, or where you are browsing from. The only disadvantage of using IP Scramble is that it may slow down your browsing. The program also prevents sites from reloading themselves, prevents sites from changing the active window, and more. It also allows you lock its settings with a password.

Roberto Jimenez
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  • Doesn't require any configuration
  • Works in all web browsers
  • Deals with most advertising automatically


  • Ad Muncher is not a spyware/adware removal tool
  • Using IP Scramble may slow down your browsing
  • Trial version can be used for 30 days
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